Course description

This course focuses on statistical hypothesis testing and reproducibility in science. You will learn how develop and test your own hypotheses, perform basic statistical tests and apply this knowledge to reproduce (and potentially improve) published results. There will be a combination of lectures and group exercises.

The main part of this course will take place 10-12 April 10:00-17:00 in person at Henke Str. We will finish at 17:00 at the latest each day and there will be plenty of breaks.

Each student is assigned to a working group and each group is assigned a published scientific paper.

Before the course

  1. Read the paper assigned to your working group
  2. Complete the Teacup Giraffe exercises, 1 through 6
  3. Read up on different types of statistical variables. Pay special attention to the following terms:
    • quantitative & categorical variables
    • discrete & continuous variables
    • binary, nominal, & ordinal variables
    • independent & dependent variables

Course evaluation

The goal is to reproduce the results of a published scientific article. Each group will present their findings on a date to be decided together. You can use this Google Slides Template and these guidelines to prepare your presentation.

Note this course is graded together with Laboratory Methods in Palaeontology.

Any questions?